New World Sex Education (Jaiya) - Oral Sex for Couples Volume 1 [6 MP4s]

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This is an incredible video containing a range of instructional oral sex content that I've never seen before (and I've read/watched/studied A LOT!). I've used what I've learned in this series to great effect.

This is the first of 3 Volumes, but I only purchased Volume 1 (couldn't find a torrent of it ANYWHERE).

I've uploaded the torrent as I received it from the website - it was downloadable so no need to rip anything. The folder contains -

1. Oral Sex For Couples Volume 1.mp4
2. Oral Sex For Couples Bonus A.mp4
3. Oral Sex For Couples Bonus B.mp4
4. Red Hot Touch - trailer.mp4
5. Sex Guide Media - trailer.mp4
6. The Kama Sutra - trailer.mp4

The trailers don't contain anything special, so if you wish to save ratio don't download them.

If anybody could purchase the other 2 and upload here, it would be greatly appreciated.

Suffice to say, this is exclusive. Sharing elsewhere will see you banned.

Description from the website:

Volume One: Connected Cunnilingus and Fabulous Fellatio
Are you ready to take your oral sex skills to a new level of mastery? Learn how to give great head and great hand in this one of a kind video. Connected Cunnilingus and Fabulous Fellatio is the first volume of the renowned Oral Sex for Couples series by leading sex educator Jaiya. Join our couples as they explore each other's bodies masterfully performing techniques, so that you can learn how to stay connected while at the same time giving and receiving optimal oral pleasure!

You Will Learn
Ways to Stay Connected During Oral Lovemaking
Male and Female Sexual Anatomy
Kissing Techniques
How to Give Fabulous Fellatio
Cunnilingus She'll NEVER forget

Bonus Features
Jaiya's Oral Sex Teachings
Behind the Scenes

You can view more about the series here: ht://


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